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Early History of Hockey in the Ryde Area 1933 - 1940

By 1933, NSW Women's Hockey had taken on a momentum. Many Metropolitan Sections had formed, playing at Woollahra Park. Cranbrook and Raleigh Park. YWCA played at the University of Sydney and Kensington. Morning Section operated at Ruchcutters Bay and a new Section known as Northern Districts began in the Ryde area. Mavis Hicks proposed this and was endorsed by the NSW Women's Hockey Association(NSWWHA) to organise a new Section. "Mrs Young was President, Betty Brewer was Secretary of this newly formed Section and Mavis Hicks was Hon. Treasurer (extract from NSW Women’s Hockey 1908-1983), written by Lena Hodges, technical details by Mollie Dive.Mildred Schradcr, Rushcutters Bay (Wychela team), Betty Brewer (Eastwood team) and Mavis Hicks from Wanderers (Ryde) and Woollahra Park were instrumental in operating this new Section.Dr Marie Hamilton chaired the first meeting in St Anne's Church Hall, Ryde. Later Ms Young was approached to be President.

Six teams played B grade on the fields now used for men's sport. Competition was enthusiastic and keen, the winner playing off at Rushcutters Bay with their B grade winner. The teams were Blaxland (M. Schrader), Eastwood (B. Brewer), Helenie (M. Hicks), Gladesville (J. Sheppard), Ryde (Mr Collins) and Comrades (G. Nankivell). "In 1940. Opening Day was held in Ryde Park, where the newly formed Northern Districts had begun operations” (Women 's Hockey 1908-1983). Visits were made to Newcastle and Bathurst. Some players went to hockey camps conducted at the Nepean RIver and had excellent coaching, wonderful food and fun. Mr Simpkins, affectionately known as "Simmie", coached Helenie team on freezing winter hights at RydePark. His favourite saying was: "You've got to play your hockey with your ‘ead" 

With the outbreak of war came changes to the hockey Section. Many girls enlisted in the Army, Navy and Air Force, which restricted many tearns. M. Hicks was posted to Melbourne for the RAAF. It was decided that the remaining teams at Meadowbank be transferred to Rushcutters Bay, including Helenie, Eastwood and Ryde. Mavis Wood from Eastwood was chosen three times in NSW State teams at Rushcutters Bay in the following years. The Northern Districts Section was thus abandoned till after the war. As most of the Executive had left the area in 1940. It did not reorganise.

Parramatta Women’s Hockey Association (PWHA) 1945 – 2015

Parramatta Women’s Hockey Association was established as a recognised entity within NSW Women’s Hockey Association in February 1945. Edna Young (Dalby) was the first President and Flo Tamsett (Rolfe) Secretary. Two fields were constructed within the Rydalmere Mental Hospital on Victoria Rd with the assistance of earth moving equipment provided by a nearby American Army unit. In later years as the competition grew, fields were established at other locations within the Parramatta LGA at Sunken Gardens within the Cumberland Hospital Fleet St, Old Kings Oval in Parramatta Park and Dan Mahoney & Old Saleyards at North Parramatta. In the first 40 years, 24 different locations across the areas adjoining Parramatta were used as Saturday hockey fields for the Association’s competition.

An adaptation of the Parramatta City Council logo was adopted & approved as the Association logo in recognition of the area’s history and culture.



The official colours of Royal Blue & Gold were incorporated as the Association playing colours.

Throughout our history PWHA competed in NSW State Championships across all ages from Juniors (Under 9’s – U18’s); U21’s, Opens & State League; Masters (Veterans) O35’s – O65’s. Many players represented at State and Australian level and PWHA also provided a strong & talented base of coaches, managers, umpires and administrative roles to NSW.

In October 2013 HockeyNSW mandated the reform of Women’s Associations across NSW. In 2015 PWHA was no longer recognised as an affiliation of HockeyNSW and all the affiliated Clubs were aligned within the North West Sydney geographical region and the NorthWest Sydney Hockey Association was established.

Shirley Parker (Umpire Trophy)

Shirley Parker is recognised as a respected and dedicated volunteer to many roles within the Parramatta Women’s Hockey Association through the 1970’s, 80’s and early 90’s.

Shirley was an “A Badge” umpire and an experienced administrator. For over 20 years Shirley coordinated umpire coaching and testing across all ages for PWHA as well as being an active umpire at local and State levels. Shirley also held the position of Vice President 1979 – 1982 & 1986- 1989 as well as Secretary in 1983. Shirley was also a founding member of the Wenty Hockey Club.

In 1984 Shirley Parker was awarded Life Membership of PWHA in recognition of her dedication and commitment to the success and progress of the Association throughout her many years of service.


  • There was no hockey played in the Ryde area till about ]957 when Bessie Dixon arrived from England and gathered a group of hockey players together. This team played in the competition at Rushcutters Bay.

  • Bessie approached Ryde Councj] with the possibility of using the current Field 20 to play on, which, at the time, was being used as a garbage tip. Together with her family and Mr Collins, Bessie cleared the area sufficiently enough to play hockey on. This became the ground used by the Ryde Hockey Club.

  • The first competition played at Meadowbank was primarily schoolgirls playing in the afternoon. Senior players were told to play at Parramatta Association until numbers improved.

  • The first meeting of the association/section was held in 1961.

  • ]n 1964 the members submitted an application to become their own entity to the Sydney Women's Hockey Association. Permission was granted and Ryde-Eastwood, as a Section, was born.

  • Helen Cooper elected Treasurer at the AGM in March 1973. A position she held for 2 years before taking on the role of President, from Joan Sheppard, until the end of 1981.

  • 1973 saw 4 grades for the schoolgirl's competition. Many of these schoolgirls' players are still active members of the Association today.

  • 1973 Joan Sheppard's design for the badge was accepted.

  • At the AGM in 1973, it was decided to tender to Ryde council for the use of Fields 20,19 & 13.

  • 1974 Senior Fees were $35.00 per team + 50c per player and the bank balance at the end of August was $81.80.

  • Ryde council accepted the tender in 1975 and the fees were scheduled as $85, $75 & $65 respectively.

  • During 1975, Billie Stuart came on board, initially helping out with umpiring and then, within a few months, assuming the role of Secretary. Billie also held the executive positions of Vice-President and Assistant Secretary.

  • Association meetings were held at a variety of venues ranging from church, School & Scout Halls and even the lounge rooms of the Executive.

  • 1975 nets and backboards were purchased.

  • 1977 a draft of the constitution was completed.

  • 1977 the Association approached the council about naming the grounds the Tory Wicks Memorial Grounds.

  • 1977 the running of the canteen was tendered out to any club wishing to profit from sales.

  • 1978 played host to the Queensland state side competing in the national championships

  • 1979 the competition numbers increased to the point the grounds at Meadowbank Park could no longer accommodate all the required matches, so, it was decided to play some games at Tarban Creek Reserve in the ground of Gladesville Hospital. (complete with patients -as spectators, not players)

  • In 1979 the fields were officially re-named the Tory Wicks Memorial Grounds.

  • 1982 Field 20 was released from Parramatta to Ryde-Eastwood

  • "Sammy" the seahorse was incorporated into the design of the logo in 1984. The seahorse is part of the heraldic coat of Arms of the City of Ryde taken from the crest of Ryde, Isle of Wight with the colours blue and white representing the vital and important waterways of RYde.

  • The original building at Meadowbank consisted of the now equipment room, BBQ shed (which was the canteen) toilets and change rooms. The Association applied and were successful in receiving a grant from the Dept of Sport & Recreation to build an extension. The new club house/meeting room was jointly funded by this grant, REWHA and Ryde Council.

  • Our new facility was officially opened in November 1986 by then Mayor of Ryde, Alderman Lardelli & local member, Garry Macllwaine.

  • 1990 the new Association colours were unveiled & won by our representative Teams. Natalie Taylor (nee Johnson) facilitated the new badge and logo. Colours of blue & grey.

  • 1995 REWHA became incorporated.

  • In 1996 we mourned the passing of Life Member, Bessie Dixon. Bessie was still involved with the Association, travelling as a supporter with Rep teams to State Championships and helping out in the canteen on a Saturday at the fields.

  • 1996 winners of the NSW Veterans’ State Championships Division 1

  • 1997 winners of the NSW U18's ½ State Championships Division 2

  • 1997 winners Sydney Women's Hockey League Veterans Division 4

  • 1998 winners of NSW Veterans’ Indoor State Championships Division 2

  • 1999 winners of NSW Veterans’ State Championships Division 1

  • 2000 winners of Sydney Women's Hockey League Veterans’ Division 1

  • 2000 winners of Sydney Women's Hockey League Veterans’ Division 2

  • 2000 winners of NSW Veterans' Stae Championships Division1

  • 2001 winners of NSW Veterans’ State Championships Division I





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